Digital Privacy

May 2007 e-Voting Pilots Announced

Finally, two months behind schedule, the Government has announced which local authorities will be running e-voting pilots. The programme is small compared to 2003, when 14 authorities trialled remote e-voting. This year there will be only 5, with a further 6 authorities testing e-counting. We hear that many authorities weren’t keen to risk e-voting in their areas, which in itself is good news.

The Government has released no information about the types of technologies or the suppliers that will be used in May 2007. This makes it difficult for us to fully assess the risks these pilots will pose to elections in those areas. In the meantime, to learn more, please do come along to our free e-voting events starting 6th February with a screening of the superb Hacking Democracy.

Also, as if by magic, we can reveal our brand new ORG e-voting microsite – dive in!