Open Rights Group is funded directly by people who care about digital rights.

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Joining by Direct Debit is the best way to become an ORG member. The paperwork and processing costs are cheaper, meaning more of your hard-earned cash can go towards campaigning for digital rights.

Did you join as a student or unwaged member and now have full time employment? Or maybe you have a little bit of extra cash you'd like to see put to good use? If so please consider upgrading your membership.
You can also set up a PayPal subscription membership. PayPal often causes cancellations when your card expires so please use DirectDebit if you can. You will not receive the t-shirt or physical pack if you join via PayPal.

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We accept one-off and recurring donations via Paypal.

You can now donate or subscribe by Bitcoin (use this button for donations)
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Bit coin address: 1B9DaoAQRUeV1Y6Ph24kqQLBHsRYNyaH6A

We also accept donations by cheque, made payable to Open Rights Group, to our postal address:
Open Rights Group, 12 Tileyard Road, London, N7 9AH

Other Ways to Give to ORG

Become a corporate member
ORG offers corporate membership to organisations that, like us, care about protecting digital rights and keeping the Internet open and free. Join here

We're also always looking for organisations to sponsor our events. Get in touch with us if you're interested.