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Google or CTIRU: who is fibbing about terror takedowns?

Today, Google release their latest transparency report, for Youtube takedowns. It contains information about the number of government requests for terrorist or extremist content to be removed. For a number of years, the government has promoted the idea that terrorist content is in rampant circulation, and that the amount of material is so abundant that the UK police alone are taking down up to 100,000 pieces of content a year.


Tell the Government to protect porn privacy

The BBFC have released their public consultation calling for views on their regulations for age verification technology for use on porn sites. Respond to the consultation today to tell them to consider privacy!


ORG Glasgow & Scottish PEN free speech symposium

ORG Glasgow will have an interactive booth at Scottish PEN's event at Glasgow University. Learn about new threats to free expression, and how the UK Gov is coercing social media companies into policing free speech online.


Say no to Article 13's censorship machine

If Article 13 in the EU’s Copyright Directive passes into law, an algorithm will decide whether the content you upload is seen or blocked.