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ORG London: Data Rights Finder Hackday

Data Rights Finder is a new tool to help people understand their data rights. Join us for a day of collaboration, building new tools to help people exercise their data rights.


ORG Cambridge: November Meetup

Join us to discuss current events in digital rights issues and ORG's campaign work. All are welcome to this free event.


ORG Norwich: The Counter Terrorism Bill & IMSI Catchers

Join ORG Norwich for an important talk on the Counter-Terrorism & Border Security Bill and also the use of IMSI-catchers by UK state agencies. We’re lucky enough to have Zehrah Hasan of Liberty as our speaker.


ORG Birmingham: Take control of your personal data

Drawing on his own experiences, personal data advocate Emmanuel Lazardis (@StatLaw on Twitter) will show you how you can use your rights under the GDPR regulations to take control of your own data.