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Press Release

Comment on Vulnerable Person's Database from Scotland Director Matthew Rice


Press Release

Org response to conviction of Cage Director for terror offences

ORG has responded to the conviction of Cage Director Muhammad Rabbani, who was found guilty of terror offences for refusing to hand over passwords to the police at Heathrow airport.


ORG Edinburgh: Scotland's Identity System

On 5 October, Open Rights Group and other privacy interest groups will be meeting with the Scottish Government to discuss the proposals. This public event, hosted by Open Rights Group and the Open Government Network, is for people to come and learn the history of identity debates in Scotland and the UK, the current situation and status of government proposals, and discuss people's concerns before meeting with the Government. 3 diverse speakers will be giving their input across the evening.


ORG Edinburgh: Free screening of The Internet's Own Boy

Open Rights Group are hosting a free screening of the documentary The Internet's Own Boy. The Internet’s Own Boy tells the life story of programmer, writer, political and internet activist Aaron Swartz, an internet pioneer and free speech campaigner. Aaron Swartz was involved in the development of Creative Commons, Reddit and the campaign against the Stop Online Piracy Act.