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Jeremy Wright needs to act to avert disasters from porn age checks

Age Verification for porn websites is supposed to be introduced in April 2019. Age Verification comes with significant privacy risks, and the potential for widespread censorship of legal material.


US red lines for digital trade with the UK cause alarm

The US government has published its negotiating objectives for a trade deal with the UK, which include some worrying proposals on digital trade, including a ban on the disclosure of source code and algorithms, and potential restrictions on data protection.


Brexit, Data Privacy and the EU Settled Status Scheme

The UK is expected to leave the EU in less than four working weeks’ time. Roughly 3 million EU citizens reside in the UK. These two facts are not unrelated.


Informal Censorship: The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)

The following is an excerpt from the report UK Internet Regulation Part I: Internet Censorship in the UK Today.