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Battle lines have been drawn over the Data Protection bill.

Battle lines have been drawn by the Information Commissioner’s Office and the Joint Committee on Human Rights on the debate over the Government’s Data Protection bill.


Collective Redress: Government Position - Open Rights Group Response

The following is a briefing paper from Open Rights Group responding to the Government’s argument against strengthening the representation of data subjects on Day 6 of Committee Stage. Government’s position is in bold​. Open Rights Group’s response is in red.


Amendment​ ​to​ ​Clause ​173​ ​:​ ​Supporting​ ​Consumer ​Rights ​for ​All

Open Rights Group campaign for a world where we each control the data our digital lives create, deciding who can use it and how, and where the public’s rights are acknowledged and upheld. With these principles in mind, Open Rights Group calls for amendments to Clause 173 to strengthen enforcement of data subjects rights in the Data Protection Bill.


ORG policy update 2017 Week 49

This is ORG's Policy Update for the week beginning 04/12/2017. If you are reading this online, you can also subscribe to the email version or unsubscribe.