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ORG Bristol: Digital surveillance, policing, and the law

What are your digital rights under the law? How can we challenge surveillance by the police and corporations? We have two expert speakers to talk about recent developments.


Victory for Open Rights Group in Supreme Court web blocking challenge

The Supreme Court ruled today that trade mark holders must bear the cost of blocking websites which sell counterfeit versions of their goods, rather than passing those costs on to Internet service providers.

Press Release

Open Rights Group victory in Supreme Court web blocking challenge

The Supreme Court has today ruled that trade mark holders are not able to compel Internet service providers to bear the cost of implementing orders to block websites selling counterfeit goods.


ORG Norwich: Privacy in the digital age

We'll be watching the 'Do Not Track' series which explores the ways in which our data is being stored, categorized and monitored by companies and governments. Each video will be 5-10 minutes and we will discuss them as we progress.