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10 years in prison for file-sharers

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Open Rights Group exists to preserve and promote your rights in the digital age. We are funded by over 3,000 people like you.


Fig leafs for privacy in Age Verification

The Digital Economy Bill mandates that pornographic websites must verify the age of their customers. Are there any powers to protect user privacy?


ORG London: Screening of the new 'Snowden'­­ film­, followed by discussion

ORG London is organising a group outing to see the new 'Snowden' film with ORG staff members. Join us for an exploration into how mass surveillance violates our rights to privacy and free speech. The film will examine a number of digital rights issues that ORG campaigns on.


A database of the UK’s porn habits. What could possibly go wrong?

The Government wants people who view pornography to show that they are over 18, via Age Verification systems. This is aimed at reducing the likelihood of children accessing inappropriate content.


In 'vest'ing in crime fighting technology – accountability versus privacy rights?

The Met Police have announced that body-worn cameras will be rolled out across the force. ORG's Javier Ruiz and Pam Cowburn spoke to Alex Heshmaty about the initiative when it was first announced in 2014.