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Sharing photos online at threat

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Open Rights Group exists to preserve and promote your rights in the digital age. We are funded by over 3,000 people like you.

Press Release

ORG calls on public to post pics to save Freedom of Panorama

Digital Rights campaigners, Open Rights Group are calling on members of the public to post pictures of public buildings and art from across the European Union as part of our campaign to protect ‘Freedom of Panorama’.


Andy Burnham’s demands—can they be met?

Andy Burnham has asked for further changes to the Investigatory Powers Bill. Parliamentarians are right to have concerns about the Bill. Some of what Burnham is asking for is very important, and he has won a very important concession in getting a review of bulk surveillance powers.


How we make sure the bulk powers review is meaningful

Andy Burnham has written to Theresa May to ask for further changes to the Investigatory Powers Bill, and to open negotiations on an independent review of ‘bulk powers’.


Save Freedom of Panorama

Our right to take photos of public art and buildings and share them on social media and photo sharing websites is under serious threat.