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Watch our special pre-election panel discussion “Data, Democracy and the Integrity of our Elections” featuring Ravi NaikShireen Mitchell and David Carroll!

This wide-ranging discussion explored lessons learned from the Cambridge Analytica scandal, implications for the 2020 US presidential election, and what the US and UK might do to safeguard the integrity of their elections. 

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Ending illegal online advertising

When you see an advertisement online, chances are that Real-Time Bidding advertising systems (RTB AdTech) have just auctioned your personal data to hundreds of companies vying for your attention.
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Ending illegal online advertising

New trade deals threaten the UK’s internet

As the UK negotiates new trade deals, our government is under enormous pressure to water down privacy protections.
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Demand privacy protections for Test & Trace

The Government’s Test and Trace Programme risks the privacy rights of hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of individuals in the UK whose personal data has been or will be processed through the Programme.
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