Frequently Asked Questions

Email our Legal Panel including:

  • by when you need a response
  • whether the matter is personal or business
  • details of the problem and any background documents

Our legal panel are volunteer lawyers who wish to help with digital rights advice. They reserve the right not to respond. You can read this information for further information.

Send us an email with:

  • Your old email/postal address
  • Your new address you’d like us to use instead

It is possible to join ORG by standing order but please consider joining by Direct Debit if you can. It makes our administration a lot easier and you don’t get your joining gift if you join by standing order.

If you really want to join by standing order, email us for more information.

You can cancel your Direct Debit directly with your bank.

If you prefer, we can also cancel your Direct Debit. Please email us with at least one of the following:

  • supporter number (if you have it)
  • postcode
  • last 4 digits of your bank account number

If you are switching your main account to a different bank, changing a Direct Debit is normally handled as part of the switching service that banks provide.

If you are not switching accounts, then for security, please email us with:

  • supporter number (if you have it)
  • new bank name
  • account holder(s) name(s)
  • new account number
  • new sort code
  • postcode
  • last 4 digits of your existing bank account number
  • a sentence confirming that you can set up Direct Debits on this account if it is a joint account or a non-personal account

If you’d prefer to contact us by encrypted email, you can find our PGP keys on our Staff page.

Send us an email with:

  • Your preferred collection date: 5th or 14th of the month
  • The amount of your monthly donation (for authentication purposes)

To keep processing costs down we can only offer our supporters two collection dates in a month for Direct Debits: 5th and 14th.

Thanks for offering to volunteer your time! We really appreciate all offers of help and support. Please drop us an email if you’re interested in volunteering at ORG. Make sure you tell us:

  • what kind of volunteering you would like to do
  • how much time you have to give, and for how long
  • what you are hoping to get out of volunteering
  • what you think your skills are

Learn more about our volunteering opportunities here.

While ORG is a limited non-profit, is not a charity. Though UK laws allow charities to campaign on political issues (though this can be constrained), they can’t exist primarily for that purpose. Since ORG’s core activity is focused around policy, the decision was made early on not to pursue charity status.

If you have questions about ORG’s work email us at

You can ask us for stickers, posters or leaflets if you want them for your workplace or to give to friends.

Just email us for more information.

…Something else

For any general inquiries, email us at

For supporter queries not listed above, email us at