Digital Privacy

ACTION: Repeal Web Censorship!

Fantastic news: Julian Huppert MP has tabled amendments to the Freedom Bill to repeal the website blocking clauses of the Digital Economy Act.

These amendments will be debated late this afternoon, and we need as many sympathetic MPs to be there as possible!

Please phone your MP today to remind them to support the motion.

Phone them on 020 7219 3000 today, ask for your MP’s office, and then tell them that:

  • There is an important debate today to repeal section 17-18 of the Digital Economy Act’s and its dangerous website blocking powers through the Freedom Bill. Julian Huppert has tabled these amendments.
  • The Digital Economy Act is a rushed mess. The powers are too broad and badly thought out. Even Ofcom says they aren’t practical to implement. 
  • Under the Act, sites would not need to infringe copyright – just be suspected that they will in the future. And even if a site removes all infringing content, then blocks may not be removed.
  • New website blocking powers are not needed, as there are already powers in the Copyright Act (section 97a) to block sites that are proven, through the courts, to be infringing copyright.
  • Remind them how important this debate is. 

This is a very important, simple action you can take to fight for your digital rights!

(You can find the name of your MP here)