Digital Censorship
The Government's Digital Charter is meant to make Britain "the safest place in the world to be online," but at what cost? Part I of ORG's report on Internet regulation surveys web blocking practices in the UK and suggests a new wave of 21st century censorship may be on the horizon.
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Brexit & Digital Rights
The government's plan for Brexit is still in flux, but one thing is for certain - leaving the EU will have an enormous impact on digital rights. Post-Brexit trade agreements in particular will have far reaching consequences for UK privacy and free speech online.
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Age Verification Technology
The 2017 Digital Economy Act compels pornography websites to verify the age of their users, makes it easier for government departments to share data with one another without sufficient safeguards, and increases the maximum prison sentence for online copyright infringement to ten years.
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EU Copyright Directive
Article 13 in the EU Copyright Directive threatens to change the Internet as we know it by making major platforms liable for their content. If this happens, algorithms will police speech on the Internet via upload filters.
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E-commerce Law
Armed with a patent, printer manufacturing giant Epson has persuaded eBay to remove a competing class of third party ink cartridges from its popular UK marketplace. The takedowns are encouraged by bad e-commerce law and set a dangerous precedent that could reach far beyond the printer market.
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After several years of campaigning ORG won a right to parody and to format shift in UK law.
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Blocked project launched
The Blocked project was launched and we found out that filters in the UK were stopping Chaos Communications Congressfrom selling event tickets, and even Open Rights Group from providing a tool to find out about blocking!
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Web blocking transparent
Thanks to our legal work and campaigning, challenging the secrecy of website bans, blocking orders are now more transparent. BT, Skyand Virginall provide information about the blocks now.
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