The Digital Economy Bill
The Bill includes plans to: compel pornography websites to verify the age of their users, make it easier for government departments to share data with one another without sufficient safeguards, and to increase the maximum prison sentence for online copyright infringement to ten years.
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Fight the Investigatory Powers Bill
The Government is trying to pass the Investigatory Powers Bill. It's the new Snoopers' Charter with even more invasive surveillance powers for the police and GCHQ to spy on us. Join our campaign and help us stop it.
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Don't Spy on Us
The current law offers little protection from mass surveillance. We are calling for reform of the legal framework so the intelligence agencies stop spying on us.
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Opt out of mobile analytics
Some of the UK's biggest mobile companies are analysing our location, web and app use, to create profiles about our lives. They sell these insights about their customers to marketing companies. We want to help people opt out and change the law and companies' practices.
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451 Unavailable
Courts can order your Internet Service Provider to block websites. But when you visit a blocked page they don't tell you why. We want to give you those answers, and to ask courts to publish the blocking orders.
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Is your website blocked?
The Government is promoting filters to stop young people seeing content intended for over 18s. In practice, filters block many sites that are not harmful to children. Find out which sites are blocked.
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After several years of campaigning ORG won a right to parody and to format shift in UK law.
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Blocked project launched
The Blocked project was launched and we found out that filters in the UK were stopping Chaos Communications Congress from selling event tickets, and even Open Rights Group from providing a tool to find out about blocking!
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Web blocking transparent
Thanks to our legal work and campaigning, challenging the secrecy of website bans, blocking orders are now more transparent. BT, Sky and Virgin all provide information about the blocks now.
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