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Upcoming on April 05, 2018

ORG Glasgow: A discussion of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Paul Mason joins us this month for a discussion on the General Data Protection Regulation. We'll also be planning upcoming ORG campaign events and discussing digital rights & current events. All are welcome!

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Upcoming on March 29, 2018

ORG Aberdeen: March Cryptonoise event

Join ORG Aberdeen & FSFE Aberdeen at 57North Hacklab as we bring together like minded people, discuss digital freedoms and explore the use of cryptographic tools. All are welcome!

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Upcoming on March 26, 2018

ORG Birmingham: What the Digital Charter Will Mean for Free Speech Online

The UK Government, led by Prime Minister Theresa May, has put forward proposals for a 'Digital Charter' to support its stated objective of making the UK "the safest place to be online". While the Open Rights Group recognises the positive impact of some elements of the charter (notably investment to tackle online child sexual abuse), we have serious concerns about the impact many of the measures could have on freedom of speech online.

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Upcoming on March 21, 2018

ORG Wales: Security and Elections - The Use of Online Voting

The Security Research Group at Aberystwyth University present a talk by ORG Executive Director Jim Killock about the risks of electronic voting vs paper elections following the Welsh proposals to implement e-voting.

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Upcoming on March 19, 2018

ORG Norwich: The Digital Economy Act's Age Verification (A/V) Technology

Join ORG legal officer & organiser Alex Haydock in Norwich to discuss the impact that Age Verification technology will have on privacy & data protection. We will also be strategising for our upcoming Free Speech Online event in April. There will be plenty of time for questions and group discussion. No experience or knowledge is necessary for this FREE event.

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Upcoming on March 19, 2018

ORG Wales: Is Online and Electronic Voting a Good or Bad Idea?

Join ORG's executive director Jim Killock at Bangor University as he compares the risks in paper elections vs electronic elections to help you decide whether e-voting is a good or bad idea for Wales.

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Past event on March 10, 2018

ORG North East: Take control of your online life

A Newcastle Libraries and Open Rights Group North East event to help you get the digital security and privacy skills you need to make the most of the Internet and your mobile phone.

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Past event on March 06, 2018

ORG Cambridge: Monthly March Meetup

Join us in our monthly meetup to discuss: the current state of digital rights, what we've done in the past month, and what we are planning to do in the upcoming months (local events to attend or events we organise).

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Past event on February 22, 2018

ORG Aberdeen: Cryptonoise

Discuss digital rights issues that are in the news. Learn how you can help to protect your rights in a digital world. Bring a smartphone or laptop and browse the web anonymously, learn about these technologies and chat about the reasons we need them.

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Past event on February 19, 2018

ORG London: Modern threats to free speech online

Will plans to make Britain "the safest place in the world to be online" have unintended consequences? Hear from ORG campaigns manager Mike Morel how social media companies are gaining unprecedented control over free speech online.

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