ORG Norwich presents: The Social Dilemma & Solid

Join ORGNorwich for an hour discussing Netflix’s new film The Social Dilemma and Internet legend Tim Berners Lee’s data rights project Solid.

The Social Dilemma is pushing millions of viewers to consider the negative impacts social media is having on society. We’ll review the merits of the film and discuss how Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and many more strive to addict users to their platforms.

Warning: there will be spoilers so please view the film in advance!

Next we’ll hear from Mark Dunn about the Solid initiative that Tim Berners Lee, who invented the World Wide Web, is promoting to provide users with the tools to manage their data better. Mark is a hopeful user interested in how Solid will help marginalised people and what it will take to get traction with major players.

The Solid website is: