Mass Surveillance

Oxford Screening of Phantom Parrot Screening

  • Saturday 23 March at 5:45pm
  • Oxford – Phoenix Picturehouse

ORG is teaming up with the filmmakers of the documentary film Phantom Parrot. Phantom Parrot is the code name for data covertly downloaded from mobile devices under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act without its owner’s knowledge or consent. The film tells the story of Muhammad Rabbani, a human rights activist returning to the UK, who has his electronic devices confiscated by border authorities.

ORG’s recent report into the Prevent programme uncovered that people referred under the scheme can then be targeted at the border for an ‘intelligence led’ seizure of their mobile phone data.

Following the screening, ORG’s Executive Director Jim Killock will be participating in a Q&A session. If you’re interested in digital rights issues and live in or around Oxford then we highly recommend attending this screening.