ORG: Stoke-on-trent Meeting

Just a quick announcement from ORG Stoke-on-Trent [1] to say that we’ll be having a presentation about The Data Discrimination Bill on Tuesday 28th March. We started our local group in 2020 when the world was a bit upside down. So we haven’t done many physical meetings yet, but this is a concerning topic which we’re eager to raise local awareness about.

We’re hoping to cover exactly what the ‘Data Protection and Digital Information Bill’ is, what it started out as, and how it is currently progressing. Particularly we’ll be covering how it attempts to amend the ‘Data Protection Act’ since it was updated to conform with GDPR back in 2018. The presentation we’ll giving is for everyone, as it’ll affect us all whether you’re just an average member of the public or involved in an organisation that processes or controls data on behalf of others… this will be bad news if it gets through unscathed for us all.

There is also a tonne of leaflets about this issue that we’ve received from ORG, and it’d be brilliant if these can be distributed out wherever you think is appropriate locally. We’ll also be talking about ways we can locally try and be heard by our representatives in parliament about this issue too.

The venue is up at the Keele University campus, but it’s not some old draughty lecture theatre! It’s actually an office, that can fit around 30 people, in one of the business park buildings with proper heating, access to tea & coffee, soft drinks, and a vending machine. We welcome people to ask questions throughout and participate, as this is as much a discussion as it is about delivering the information you have a right to know.

Please bring along along your friends, family, or significant other… digital rights affect us all.

📅 Tuesday 28th March

⏰ 6:30pm arrival, 7pm main activities

📍 Innovation Centre 1 building, Keele University, ST5 5NB, Staffordshire, United Kingdom.

🌐 Latitude: 53.003668 Longitude: -2.269742


We’re based on the Keele University campus just off the M6 in Staffordshire, just west of Stoke-on-Trent. The building we’re in is simply marked ‘IC’ on the side (so not IC2, IC3, etc…) on the Science Park area of the campus.

🚗 For parking you must use the the spaces marked ‘Internet Central’ in the lower and rear car park behind the building.

🚪 Ring the door bell next to the door with the big ‘Internet Central’ sign next to it, at the rear of the building.

If you can, please let us know if you’re coming. This can be done by either joining the Meetup group [3] and RSVP to the event there, subscribing to our mailing list [2] and sending a message there, or email us directly at Looking forward to meeting you!


Steven Maddox

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