ORG Glasgow presents: Facial Recognition – The Big Picture

Following major developments across the UK and beyond, it’s more important than ever to understand facial recognition technology, an increasingly powerful tool of mass surveillance. Its use by Police in Wales has been ruled unlawful and thankfully Police Scotland has given up on plans to deploy this discriminatory technology. Meanwhile, US cities like Boston, San Francisco and Portland have banned the use of this technology. 

Unfortunately the Met Police in London and private companies across the UK continue to deploy this dangerously discriminatory technology.

Our panel will explore how the technology is used, the risks it poses to our rights, and how it should be regulated. 


Benedetta Catanzariti is a PhD candidate in Science, Technology and Innovation Studies at the University of Edinburgh, researching the classification techniques underpinning FRT. 

Areeq Chowdhury is the founder and director of WebRoots Democracy, a think tank advocating for progressive and inclusive technology policy.

Lachlan D. Urquhart is a Lecturer in Technology Law at the University of Edinburgh.