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Upcoming on March 01, 2017

ORG Brighton: Drinks! Theatre! Debate!

Join us on Wednesday 1st March for a catch up in the bar, a privacy themed show (Still), followed by a short Q&A with the show's writer and director.

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Upcoming on March 01, 2017

ORG Manchester: National Pupil Database and census

As schools begin videoing pupils do you know how your children's data in school is handled? On Wednesday 1st March, find out how all this data from schools, as well as new laws on student data, and all other administrative datasets, might be affected by the Digital Economy Bill.

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Upcoming on February 27, 2017

ORG Leeds: Free online privacy & security workshop (beginner level)

Come along to our privacy workshop on Monday 27 February and learn how to protect yourself from mass surveillance and online crime.

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Past event on February 23, 2017

ORG Aberdeen: Cryptonoise: learn how you can protect yourself online

Join us on Thursday 23 February to bring together like minded people, discuss digital freedoms and explore the use of cryptographic tools.

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Past event on February 22, 2017

ORG Birmingham: Learn about how mobile phone users are spied on in Birmingham

Join us on 22 February to look at how police in the West Midlands are covertly using devices- known as IMSI-catchers or Stingrays – to indiscriminately intercept and hack up to 500 phones every minute.

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Past event on February 20, 2017

ORG Bristol: Jen Persson discusses DefendDigitalMe & the Digital Economy Bill

Do you know how children's data in school is handled? Come along on Monday 20th February to find out more and what you can do to get involved to #BoycottSchoolCensus and refuse, retract and resist this data collection.

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Past event on February 17, 2017

ORG Manchester: CryptoParty

You seal your letters but send your mails unencrypted? You want to protect your privacy online but don't know how to do it? Come along on Friday 17 March to learn how to protect your communications and content over the Internet.

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Past event on February 07, 2017

ORG Cambridge: Digital rights meet up

Join us on Tuesday 7 January for our monthly meetup to discuss the current state of digital rights, what we've done in the past month and what we are planning to do in the upcoming month.

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Past event on February 04, 2017

ORG London: Trip to the Science Museum to see 'Our Lives in Data'

We'll be heading to the Science Museum on Saturday 4th February to check out the free exhibition 'Our Lives in Data.'

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Past event on January 25, 2017

ORG Birmingham: Why digital rights matter

ORG Birmingham's Local Organiser, Francis Clarke, will be speaking about digital rights at the next Brewcamp West Midland meeting 25 January. Come along to learn about how technology is shaping the public sector.

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