Hands Off Our Data

Your data will be used against you and you’ll have less ability to do anything about it.

The Data Protection and Digital Information Bill gives the State and companies more access to our data with fewer limitations. What rights remain over our personal data are made harder to enforce.

The Data Grab Bill will:

  • Create powers to snoop on the bank accounts and financial assets of anyone who receives any benefit, Including the State Pension!
  • Make it harder to access your data by giving organisations more powers to refuse requests
  • Increase automated decision-making
  • Expand exemptions for data sharing, use and reuse
  • Increase political interference with the ICO without parliamentary oversight
  • Remove the need to carry out impact assessments
  • Create new powers to approve international data transfers


Your data rights are under attack. Tell the government to get their hands off your data and stop the Data Grab Bill.


Why data protection matters

Data protection rights protect people across all aspects of life – at work, using NHS services, applying for jobs or renting a flat.

As the use of flawed and biased decision-making algorithms increases across every sector, data protection is particularly important for protecting the rights of marginalised groups, including migrants, LGBTQ people and people from racialised backgrounds.

The UK GDPR has been used to challenge unfair dismissals in the workplace, private companies’ use of public health data, and illegal profiling by advertising companies. The Data Grab Bill will undermine your ability to have control over how your data is processed.


Our analysis on how the Data Grab Bill worsens the power imbalance between us, the State and corporations.

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What’s wrong with the Data Grab Bill?

The Data Protection and Digital Information Bill will erode data subject’s rights and corporate accountability mechanisms. It expands the Secretary of State’s powers in numerous ways, creating a greatly weakened data protection structure.

The Bill damages proper oversight of data processing, jeopardise sensitive information about UK residents, and create new opportunities for discrimination against vulnerable groups.

  • data subject rights and corporate accountability

Changes to Data Protection Impact Assessments remove the requirement for organisations to consult with data subjects who are affected by high risk data processing. Additionally, the bill lowers the threshold for organisations to refuse a Subject Access Request and removes individuals’ right to not to be subjected to solely automated decision making.

  • Oversight of data processing

The independence of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) will be reduced. As the ICO plays a key part in the oversight of the government’s use of data, this is extremely problematic.

  • Expansion of data processing

The Bill creates grounds for processing data and more exemptions to the limits that restrict how data can be processed. The Secretary of State could make changes to increase data the ways that data is used and reused without meaningful parliamentary oversight.

  • Data transfers

The Secretary of State would have the discretion to approve international data transfers to countries with insufficient data protection standards.


Download our campaigning toolkit for you to take action to protect your data rights.

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