Save Encryption to Keep Us Safe

The Online Safety Bill requires ALL online speech to be monitored for “harmful content”, including your private conversations with friends and family. Companies like Whatsapp and Signal will be required by law to break encryption so they can scan and censor your messages for the Government.

They say encryption is dangerous, but the opposite is true. Encryption keeps your information and transactions safe from criminals. It ensures your private messages stay private. If the UK Government can break encryption to read your messages, that means scammers, hackers and foreign governments can too.

Save encryption, Stop state censorship

Join our campaign to ensure the Online Safety Bill preserves encryption and free expression online.

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If they get their way, billions of personal messages will be ready to be hacked, sold and exploited. The Government’s plan to access your private messages will help criminals and make us less safe.

The Story So Far

Internet policy is broken

The government’s proposals for the Online Safety Bill are getting worse, rather than better.
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Joint Committee advice cannot fix flawed Online Safety Bill

On 14 December 2021, the Joint Parliamentary Committee charged with scrutinising the draft Online Safety Bill published its report.
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Online Safety Bill: Sweeping Ministerial Powers

The Joint Parliamentary Committee scrutinising the government’s Draft Online Safety Bill concluded its evidence sessions on 4 November.
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Online Safety Bill: Kill Switch for Encryption

Of the many worrying provisions contained within the draft Online Safety Bill, perhaps the most consequential is contained within Chapter 4, at clauses 63-69.
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Encryption in the Online Safety Bill

Let’s look at how the Online Safety Bill brings the contents of your private communications into scope for scanning, monitoring, and censorship.
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MPs: Encryption keeps your constituents safe

Today (14 June) Open Rights Group has joined over thirty digital and human rights organisations in calling on MPs to keep their constituents safe by protecting end-to-end encryption from legislative threats.
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Endgame for end-to-end encryption

Today, Wired has reported that the Home Office is actively exploring legal and technical mechanisms to compel Facebook and WhatsApp to break end-to-end encrypted messaging.
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ORG signs joint civil society statement defending encryption

Open Rights Group has signed onto a joint civil society statement expressing concerns over proposals by the UK government which would undermine encryption, including through its Online Harms Bill.
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Online Harms: Encryption under attack

The UK government wants to make the web “safer” by using the Online Harms Bill to weaken encryption of private messages.
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The UK Government should protect encryption not threaten it

 Encryption also strengthens democracy by underpinning digital press freedom.
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Encryption must not be a dirty word. Here’re 5 ways we all rely on it

British politicians are again putting pressure on Internet companies to make sure the Government can access end-to-end encrypted messages.
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