Stop Data Discrimination

Government plans to scrap GDPR privacy laws will unleash data discrimination against workers, children, students and vulnerable groups like migrants, victims of violence and minorities.

The public consultation on “Data: a new direction” is now closed.

Watch this space to keep up with ORG’s campaign to stop data discrimination.


Read this briefing to learn how “Data: a new direction” impacts your sector.

View the recording of our webinar on the cross-sector impacts of “Data: a new direction” and how your organisation can make a difference.

View the recording of our webinar about how “Data: a new direction” will impact migrants rights and the immigration sector.

View the recording of our webinar about how “Data: a new direction” will impact medical data and patients’ rights.


Watch and share our video that shows how GDPR privacy laws protect us all.

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The Story So Far

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The government’s proposals for the Online Safety Bill are getting worse, rather than better.
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ORG response to Data: a new direction

We submitted our response to Government plans to deregulate data protection, also known as “Data: a new direction”.
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Newsletter: Migration, Data and Digital Rights

Welcome to the November edition of Migration, Data and Digital Rights!
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New UK data laws are Govt revenge against NHS patients

Health data has become one of the most valued prizes of the surveillance economy, but they aren’t being used to “save lives”.
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Lord Frost says: bypass Parliament to rewrite EU rules

Government is considering demanding powers to rewrite any and all ‘retained EU legislation’ while bypassing Parliament.
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New UK data laws will harm mothers and children

In data: a new direction, the UK Government proposes to reform legitimate interest.
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Why on earth is the Government mucking about with our privacy laws?

Thursday evening, the UK Government published their long-awaited proposal for a new UK data protection regime.
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Government prepares to take back control – of your privacy

The UK Government has unveiled their plans to deregulate data protection laws.
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