Web Blocking
ISPs have rolled out inaccurate automated internet filters that block thousands of innocent websites. Find out what ORG is doing about it and how you can get involved.
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Free Speech Online
The Government's new Digital Charter is supposed to make the internet safer, but certain elements pose a serious threat to freedom of speech online.
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Digital Economy Act
The Act compels pornography websites to verify the age of their users, makes it easier for government departments to share data with one another without sufficient safeguards, and increases the maximum prison sentence for online copyright infringement to ten years.
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Espionage Act
Journalists and whistleblowers could be sent to prison for 14 years for exposing corruption and government wrongdoing. The Law Commission is advising the Government to pass a new Espionage Act to allow journalists handling secret documents to be treated like spies.
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Parliament has passed the Investigatory Powers Act. It's the new Snoopers' Charter with even more invasive surveillance powers for the police and GCHQ to spy on us. Join our campaign to fix it.
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Electronic Commerce Directive
Epson was able to persuade eBay to take down competing third party ink cartridges because poor e-commerce law does not require a court order to enforce patent infringement. Sign the petition to call out Epson and protect consumers and small businesses!
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After several years of campaigning ORG won a right to parody and to format shift in UK law.
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Blocked project launched
The Blocked project was launched and we found out that filters in the UK were stopping Chaos Communications Congressfrom selling event tickets, and even Open Rights Group from providing a tool to find out about blocking!
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Web blocking transparent
Thanks to our legal work and campaigning, challenging the secrecy of website bans, blocking orders are now more transparent. BT, Skyand Virginall provide information about the blocks now.
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