What is a Local Group?

Our Bristol group get books signed by Cory Doctorow after his talk at the Bristol Festival of Ideas.Local groups are at the heart of our campaigns. They are welcoming communities of Open Rights Group supporters in towns and cities across the UK.

Groups are like-minded people who meet once a month. Our Birmingham group ran a Mozilla Maker Party to make illicit digital culture and learn how to achieve real changes in copyright.

Brighton organised a group trip to see an immersive theatre suveillance show, and talk with the director about how they could raise awareness of the issue in the local area. Leeds hosted a workshop on online privacy and tools that can help keep you safe online. Groups can really do anything and we welcome new ideas from Organisers!

What is a Local Organiser?

Our Edinburgh group hear a talk from Wendy M. Grossman as part of our ORG Scotland launch in Scotland in June 2015.Local Organisers are supporters who run groups where they live. We provide enough information and support to help anyone new to campaigning become a successful Organiser.

Our Campaigns Manager Mike Morel is our core member of staff who oversees local activity. They are in regular contact with our Organisers, providing planning, administrative and some financial support.

Organisers are invited to join our Supporter Council to share ideas to build their groups, dream up new event ideas and help plan the future of our local groups and campaigns. Take a look at the Local Groups resource page for ideas.

How can I become a Local Organiser?

The materials organisers receive to use at events, including: Open Rights Group leaflets and stickers for Don't Spy On Us, Privacy Not Prism, 351 Unavailable, Department of Dirty and our logo.If you want to be an Organiser, we are happy to hear from you anytime. We take our responsibility to support new Organisers seriously and give you the help you need. Becoming an official Organiser takes 3 weeks. New Organisers receive our Local Organiser Welcome Pack which includes everything to help you get your group off to a great start.

Remember to check our Local Groups page to see whether there is a group near you.

Apply to become an Organiser today!