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Mariano delli Santi

Legal and Policy Officer

Mariano supports Open Rights Group strategic litigation and political advocacy efforts, with a focus on data protection, artificial intelligence, and EU-UK regulatory divergence.

He currently works on exposing privacy violations in the online advertising sector and in challenging the UK Government plans to break away from European data protection law. He also advises the UK Government on inclusion, privacy, data usage, equality and digital identity as a member of the One Login Inclusion and Privacy Advisory Group.

During the course of his career at ORG, Mariano has also worked on assessing the impact of public health programmes on the privacy and data protection of UK residents during the Covid-19 pandemic. He also participated to the Pilot Data and Intelligence Public Engagement Panel of the Scottish Data and Intelligence Network and to the Alan Touring Institute’s PATH-AI Working Group on the UNESCO Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence.

Beyond his career at ORG, Mariano has worked as Data Protection Officer for a political party and as legal counsel for a number of tech startups. He currently advises Creating Future Us, a not-for-profit that promotes ethical investments in the tech sector.

You can reach him at with this PGP key.