Data protection campaign - Local Groups

Second Reading (5th March)

Why not run an event to write your letters to your MP? This doesn’t have to be all that elaborate - get together in a pub, cafe, or local library, bring your laptops, and write your emails to your MP together. This means that newer members can get some tips from more experienced activists!

Report Stage (TBA - probably some time in early April)

Find out when your MP holds their surgeries, or book in a meeting, and go and talk to them directly about your concerns. This can be a really effective way of building a relationship with your MP for the future, whilst also ensuring they take your thoughts seriously. It also allows you to directly address any objections or concerns they have.

This is particularly useful at Report Stage - Committee stage will have already happened meaning we’ll have a clear idea of the amendments that have been set out. Once we know exactly what we want MPs to support or reject, we’ll update this page with a more detailed guide about our position for you to take to your meeting!

Have you got a cool idea, but aren’t sure how to pull it off, or if you have the funding? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!

You can find out more about Bill stages here - the Data Protection Bill started in the House of Lords, so it is slightly different to normal!