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Jim Killock, Executive Director

Since joining Open Rights Group in January 2009, Jim has led campaigns against three strikes and the Digital Economy Act, the company Phorm and its plans to snoop on UK users, and against pervasive government Internet surveillance. He is working on data protection and privacy issues, as well as helping ORG to grow in size and breadth. He was named as one of the 50 most influential people on IP issues by Managing IP in 2012. In the same year ORG won Liberty's Human Rights Campaigner of Year award alongside 38 Degrees, for work on issues from copyright to the Snooper’s Charter.

Since 2009, ORG has doubled its supporter base, budget and workload, and held its first two activist Conferences, ORGCon.

Jim is a trustee of FreeUKGen, the volunteer project to digitise genealogical records, and sits on the Governance Board of CREATe, the UK's research centre for copyright and new business models in the creative economy. he is on the Advisory Council of the Foundation of Information Policy Research.

Before joining ORG, Jim worked as External Communications Co-ordinator of the Green Party. At the Green Party, he promoted campaigns on open source, intellectual property, digital rights and campaigned against the arms and espionage technologist Lockheed Martin's bid for the UK Census. Lockheed Martin have since been prevented from handling UK Census data as part of their contract. He was also a leading figure in the campaign to elect their first party leader, Caroline Lucas MP. He has a blog at (For press photos, see here and here)

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Pam Cowburn, Communications Director

Pam Cowburn has 17 years' communications experience in the charity, arts and public sectors.

Prior to joining Open Rights Group, she was Head of Communications at Index on Censorship, where she worked on campaigns to promote media and digital freedom of expression in the UK and internationally.

She has also held positions at the children's charity Action for Children, the Central Office of Information and the Society of London Theatre. For media enquiries, please contact Pam on +447749785932,



Elizabeth Knight, Legal Director

Elizabeth is a solicitor. She has experience of working for NGOs, as well as in the city and for the government. Most recently she spent four months at Amnesty International where she authored a major advocacy document and worked on issues around surveillance. Elizabeth holds a Masters degree in Human Rights.

She has undertaken an internship at the UN, working on international law and human rights. Elizabeth was also awarded a pro bono fellowship by her previous firm and worked at a human rights NGO in South Africa. She practises litigation, which has included human rights, judicial review and intellectual property work.



Javier Ruiz Diaz, Policy Director

Javier joined ORG after working for Unite, organising migrant workers for the living wage campaign. Involved at the inception of open access reporting website Indymedia UK in 1999, he has since been active as a journalist, campaigner and radio documentary producer, tirelessly promoting communication tools for social movements. At the World Social Forum in Brazil he co-ordinated open hardware and software projects to provide instantaneous interpretation of the event to over a 100,000 participants. His other interests include applying open source innovation models to the development of renewable energy technologies and open hardware in general.

You can contact Javier via twitter @javierruiz or email PGP key here


Ed Paton-Williams, Campaigner

Ed has been a campaigner at ORG since 2013. Ed previously worked as a teacher and trainer for the British Council in Egypt.

You can find Ed on Twitter as @edpw or email him at with this PGP Key.




Richard King, Project Manager

Richard manages ORG's technical projects and supports our community of technical volunteers. He joined ORG in 2006, founded the first local group in Sheffield in 2012 and was appointed to the Supporter Council in the same year, before joining the staff in 2014.

Richard has worked as a senior engineer specialising in the design and integration of complex, high-technology systems; a software consultant in the UK higher-education sector; and an analyst and Scrum product-owner designing student management systems for further education colleges. He lives in Tromsø, Norway, and works remotely thanks to the wonders of the internet. Twitter: @graphiclunarkid GPG public key


Ruth Coustick-Deal, Supporter Officer

Ruth joined ORG as a member of staff after managing its online magazine, ORGzine for several months. She is responsible for fundraising, supporter engagement and events.

Since graduating from her degree in English Literature she has worked in a number of marketing and communications roles at various charities, before settling into her passion for human rights.

In her spare time she writes freelance articles on feminism and toy design. You can find her on Twitter at @Nesient or email her on


Lee Maguire, Technical Officer

An internet user since the days of Usenet NNTP-downloads over metered modem connections.

Lee has worked in internet-related postions for more than a decade, over diverse range of industries, from music to finance.

In addition to his work with ORG, Lee also works with public-sector and non-profit organisations on web projects.


Simon Barnes, Administrator

Simon runs ORG's office, including finance and supporter management. He is the person to contact for financial and administrative matters.

With a background in financial services and financial PR, Simon has previously worked for Consumers' Association as a campaigning journalist writing in Which? magazine, and as a website editor for a new online investment service.

In the past he has campaigned for gay equality, and recently volunteered with the Campaign for Better Transport.