Newsletter: Migration, Data and Digital Rights

Welcome to the November edition of Migration, Data and Digital Rights! 

News round-up

It’s been a busy month at ORG with nearly all of our efforts focused on raising awareness of the Government’s proposals to gut GDPR and the likely impact this will have on vulnerable and marginalised groups.

At the end of last month, we held an online event for migrants’ rights groups/ organisations chaired by Stephen Timms MP, Chair of the APPG on Immigration Law and Policy. The event sought to explain the benefits of GDPR and how the proposals outlined in the Government’s “Data: a new direction” consultation will undermine these as well as what Parliamentarians and migrants’ rights groups/ organisations can do to challenge the proposals.

We also met with Chi Onwurah MP, Shadow Minister, Digital, Science and Technology, to advocate our concerns.

Stop Data Discrimination

Last month we launched our Stop Data Discrimination campaign in response to the “Data: a new direction” consultation proposals. Our campaign seeks to raise awareness of the Government’s plans to scrap GDPR privacy laws and the data discrimination that will be unleashed against workers, children, students, migrants, victims of violence and minorities.

We’ve been working hard to mobilise individuals and groups/ organisations to tell the Government why GDPR must be preserved. It’s really important that responses to the consulation come from a wide range of civil society organisations and not just those that work on digital rights. This is why we’ve published model answers to the questions in the consultation on our website. Our Legal and Policy Officer, Mariano, and I are also on hand to support migrants’ rights groups/ organisations to respond to the consultation by helping shape and review your responses. 

As well as responding to the consultation, you can:

1. Read this briefing to learn how GDPR protects migrants from data discrimination and how to craft a submission to the Data: a new Direction consultation closing 19 November 2021.

2. View the recording of our webinar to hear how “Data: a new direction” will impact migrants’ rights.

3. Watch and share our video that shows how GDPR privacy laws protect migrants and ethnic minorities.

Tools, Publications and Resources

We’ve compiled some resources to help those working for migrants’ rights and their clients better understand data, privacy and technology issues. Some of these have been created by ORG, some by other privacy rights organisations and others in collaboration with migrants’ rights organisations.

The Legal Education Fund | Leading barristers warn that government proposals to reform UK data protection law may lead to discrimination

Open Rights Group | How GDPR Stops Discrimination and Protects Equalities

Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrant, Foxglove & Liberty | Briefing: Resisting the Digital Hostile Environment

Migrants’ Rights Network | Know Your Rights Guide 2020

Open Rights Group | Immigration, Data and Technology: Needs and Capacities of the Immigration Sector

Lastly, if data and digital technologies issues are arising in your work and you’d like support to address them or you’re looking to better understand and engage with these issues, please do get in touch with us. We can also signpost you to individuals and organisations who will be able to help you.

Thanks for reading! And please do share with others who may want to know more about the impact of data and technology on migrants’ rights.

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