10,000 letters sent to MPs to demand disconnection debate

10,000 UK citizens have written to MPs in les than three days to demand a debate on the Digital Economy Bill.

Meanwhile, corporate lobbyists are saying they are confident the Bill will pass as it stands. In other words, they are asking MPs to carry on and pass this Bill without scrutiny, despite the controversy it is causing.

It is outrageous for corporate lobbyists including the BPI, FAST and UK Music to demand that MPs curtail democracy and ram this Bill through Parliament without debate.

The British people did not elect UK Music and the BPI to write our laws.

How dare they push our MPs towards punishing innocent people by disconnecting them from the internet, without proper democratic scrutiny?

That is what is making our 10,000 supporters so angry – pushing this Bill through without debate is undemocratic and dangerous.

Please take action now.

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