We are working with a huge network of campaigners and civil liberties groups in a joint campaign against mass surveillance called Don't Spy on Us.
We are legally challenging the Government over GCHQ's bulk collection at the European Court of Human Rights, defending citizen's privacy rights.
We're challenging data retention in the UK, through interventions in the Davis and Watson judicial review
We'll challenge any new and disproportionate online surveillance powers in Parliament, the media and the courts
We're also working in coalitions on campaigns on copyright, filtering and free speech online.

We fight to ensure that our human rights are valued equally online and offline. Theresa May's plans treat your online habits as the crumbtrails of a potential criminal. They justify and increase surveillance without suspicion.

ORG opposed online surveillance including data retention and four incarnations of failed Snooper's Charter plans. Where there is a debate, we can win these fights. It’s only when the government creates surveillance programmes in secret that it gets its way.

We need your support to keep on opposing and stopping online surveillance without suspicion:

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