Ask your MP if they support disconnection

Write to your local paper

Why ask your MP through your local paper's letter page?

Your local paper is read by thousands of people – and there is nothing more popular than the letters page.

Your MP and parliamentary candidates’ teams will be reading these pages and will want to respond if they are asked a public question

How do I write to a local paper?

Usually you’ll find an email address on the letters page. Send a letter with the subject line ‘For publication: letter to the editor’. You need to include your name and address. Generally the email address is letters@nameofpaper.domain

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What should I write?

Write about the main problems: the fact this is a needlessly harsh punishment and innocent people will be punished, especially the families of anyone disconnected. Since nearly every connection is shared, it is inevitable that this sort of punishment will hit the wrong people, damaging their education or their work.

These are the easiest things for people to understand. They are not technical, and they strike to the heart of the problem – that disconnection is unjust.

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What should I ask for?

Ask the candidates to say if they are in favour of disconnecting people, and write to the paper with their position. 

There’s an election on – should I ask people to vote on this single issue?

We think that is not always going to be realistic – but we can remind people that this is a test of whether the candidates are willing to stand up for people’s rights and defend people like them from unjust punishment.

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