Government admits Spy Clause can’t be used safely

Open Rights Group has responded to a report that the Government has conceded that it will not use powers to scan private messages until it is “technically feasible” to do so.

James Baker, Campaigns Manager for the Open Rights Group said:

“ORG welcomes news that the government is rowing back on its plans to scan private messages for harmful content. As ORG along with other privacy activists, tech companies, security experts have warned from the start, it is not possible to scan messages that use end-to-end encryption without undermining all users’ privacy and security. We are glad that at the eleventh hour, it would appear that the government has conceded this.

“While this is welcome news, these powers do remain on the statute books and a future government may attempt state-mandated surveillance of our private messages. It would be better if these powers had been completely removed from the BIll.”

Don’t Scan Me!

The Online Safety Bill’s spy clause will outsource surveillance to messaging apps.
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Don’t Scan Me!