Well done Lib Dems

stop disconnectionThe Digital Economy Bill’s disconnection and web censorship proposals suffered a massive blow today as Liberal Democrats voted unanimously to oppose these draconian measures.

Not a single speaker made any comment against the text – and Liberal Democrats reiterated their opposition to the closed ACTA negotiations. They emphasised the huge social, educational and economic value of the net today.

As several speakers noted – it was people like you writing to them that made them realise how important this issue is to voters in this election.

Liberal Democrats MPs now need to insist on Parliament’s duty to debate this Bill, and fully scrutinize it.

As the BPI said in their note leaked yesterday, the greatest chance this Bill’s dangerous measures have is if MPs fail to exercise their duty, and do not examine the myriad problems in it.

Without that debate, MPs could end up voting to damage the digital economy and society.

This Bill is now an election issue. As the Liberal Democrats have found out – this will change how people vote. We are talking about an essential service, vital to people’s lives, being withdrawn and lives and businesses damaged by very dangerous legislation.

Take action

Please write to your local paper, and your candidates. Ask your MP to make this controversial Bill is debated – and ask if your candidates oppose censorship and disconnection.