Seven thousand people email their MPs in under two days

A tidal wave of objections to disconnection being rushed through Parliament are reach MPs inboxes.

The numbers have exceeded even our expectations, but we are all clear that disconnection is wrong as a punishment.

It should be no surprise to corporate lobbyists like the BPI are busy trying to write our copyright law, and forcing attempts to curtail our human rights to favour their business interests.

But we expect better of our MPs. Many are decent folk; many won’t have through through the implications of this Bill. A debate is what allows the issues to be drawn out and understood – as well as fully publicly debated.

The internet has become a fundamental part of our lives. While not yet a formal right, it clearly is the prime means by which we exercise our rights to work, to receive an education and for freedom of speech.

This is what is drawing the reaction to this legislation. It has nothing to do with copyright infringement: we are appalled that the basic tool of our society – the internet – could be taken away from people because of trivial financial misdemeanours.

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