New name and start for our migration work

Since its inception in 2020, our immigration, data and technology programme has worked to understand the needs and capacities of civil society organisations in the field of migrant’ rights and support them to incorporate digital advocacy in their work. Our vision is a world in which systemic forms of oppression towards migrants aren’t manifested and amplified in new technologies. We want it to be understood that digital rights are human rights. We want those who have been discriminated against in this way to find justice. 

Our methodology has developed to be one that centers around building long term relationships with individuals from these organisations. To this effect, we have supported them over a sustained period of time, so that our engagement has maximum impact. We have shared information about how novel technologies affect the migrants’ rights sector, supported policy and consultation responses and co-convened meetings with notable players in the digital policy space. We have collaborated on strategic litigation, most notably the Immigration Exemption case, which we won in the Court of Appeal.

We’re now in a position to take the programme to the next level – and we have a new name for this new phase: the Migrant Digital Justice Programme.

We’ll still be working alongside our partner organisations to fight for digital justice, but with new capacity to roll out the programme on a broader scale. We’ll be working to tie our amazing migrants’ rights community with ORG’s other digital rights supporters to create a united source of information exchange, mutual support and collaboration. We’ll still be taking digital rights cases concerning migrants to court, but more often and on a wider range of issues. 

In short, we’ll be doing what we do, but better and we’d love for you to join us! 

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