November 07, 2013 | Ruth Coustick-Deal

Donate to stop surveillance

ORG has launched a new campaign to fund next year's fight against Internet surveillance.

Right now we're asking for new supporters to help us grow so we can take on what may be the biggest threat to liberty of this generation.

You can help by joining ORG now

ORG have to work very fast to challenge the silence of the press and politicians.

There have been clusters of stories released by the Guardian showing that the UK's intelligence agency GCHQ routinely collects everybody's online data.

We've learnt that they can do this without specific warrants and with little oversight. We've heard that they share that intelligence with foreign security agencies, and they enable foreign agencies to snoop on us.

But, the Government have stifled the discussion by defending their own bad practices and attacking and questioning the free press.

To make this an election issue that everyone's talking about, we need to change tactics.

This is why we are asking for you to take this opportunity to join ORG. If you have any concerns about the erosion of your civil liberties online, ORG is best placed to fight for real change. We've already joined Big Brother Watch and English PEN to launch a European legal challenge against the UK Government in Strasbourg, but there's so much more to do.

So what do we want to achieve?

There are a number of projects that we we'd love to do to, but we need your support to make them possible.

-Bring computer security specialist Bruce Schneier to the UK to share his expertise with Parliament and help educate MPs

-Keep surveillance on the front pages and generate new stories to make sure everyone's talking about the surveillance scandal

-Produce a report into the impacts of PRISM and Tempora on UK businesses

-Support cryptoparties around the country to educate people about keeping their online activity private

-Run an MP Lobby Day to mass petition parliament for change

-Persuade other campaign groups that defending privacy should be part of their mission

You can help!


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