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Get Involved

As we're a supporter-based organisation, we would love your help in making sure that digital rights are protected. There are many ways to get involved:

Take Action

Help make our campaigns a success! Visit our campaigns page to take direct action to defend your digital rights. You can also sign up to receive our campaign emails, newsletters and updates on our home page (just below the Get Involved button). 

Join or Start a Local Group

ORG have a number of local groups around the country who regularly meet to have talks, discussions and take action on current campaigns, and generate ideas for activism, and socialise with others who care about digital rights. Sign up to a group, join their mailing list - and if there isn't one we will support you in starting one in your local area, putting you in touch with other interested activists. Interested? Get in touch with Lydia,

Join the Discussions

We have many mailing lists which discuss the key issues that we campaign on, organise volunteering and campaigns and to keep you informed on all sorts of digital news. There are dedicated groups for technical volunteeringlawyers, who want to help with case work and policy, educators, and academics. Join one here to get directly involved in ORG campaigning.


We're always looking for a  new ideas and volunteer support to help us campaign. If you have marketing or management, cartooning or campaigning skills and have some time to lend a hand, please let us know! There are many different ways you can help depending on your skills, so if you can offer some time, or advice, drop into the office and discuss it with us or email explaining where your skills and interests lie and how much time you have to commit. 

Volunteer in our office 

We have structured volunteer roles available, and are able to pay travel and lunch expenses. They help you gain skills and confidence and offer chances to attend events, implement changes, discuss policy development, and publish your findings online. Volunteering is great opportunity to gain experience of working at a fast-paced NGO.

For more structured roles we are looking for people who can give three days a week for three months, in our office in London. You can read the types of roles we would like help with here, or email if you have any questions. (We are currently particularly looking someone who can help with our Parliamentary & Policy update).

Design or Develop

We're always on the look-out looking for wonderful designers to help us develop a better web platform/layout and new merchandise. We have other microsites that need more web design work including  If you are interested, send us some of your stuff and join the tech volunteers mailing-list.

Web development is integral to keeping Open Rights Group running. If you have front-end skills in HTML/CSS/PHP, and some time to spare then get in touch! We have a number of projects which we would love to get help on, please join our tech-volunteers mailing list where requests for technical volunteer work on ORG releated issues can be made or talk to our Technical Project Manager Richard on

Contribute to ORG Wiki

Our ORG Wiki is a database of knowledge on the Open Rights Group and digital issues to help both our campaigns and the public. Whatever your background you can edit and help improve material, such as helping us write our internal research projects, fill in information on your MPs responses to digital issues which helps us track responses in parliament, or edit and tidy up articles.

We are always seeking keen volunteers to help build it, develop the interface and expand the content. To participate, if you do not already have an account, please mail Lee on with your preferred username account.

Promote Open Rights Group

If you are a supporter of ORG and want to help get the message out, we have a number of resources you can use. Badges and other resources that let people know you are a supporter or promote our site are available for your website. We also have flyers, stickers and other promotional items we can give you to help spread the word. If you are interested in representing ORG at a local festival or event, on a stall or giving a talk, please let us know and we will help you out.

Community Fundraisers

If you are interested in doing sponsored run, hack event or 3 Peaks Challenge; or would just like some help spreading the word amongst your friends. We will also support you in that. Get in touch with any idea at