October 28, 2011 | Jim Killock

Thank you Bytemark for our new server space

Open Rights Group is moving our web hosting to Bytemark, who are donating virtual server space to us free of charge. While talking to them about options and pricing, they suggested, without prompting, that they’d like to provide us whatever we needed for free.

For ORG, this is worth at least £3000 a year in server and bandwidth costs: so it’s a highly valuable and generous donation. Thank you Bytemark!

Bytemark’s values, we believe, are in accord with ORG's. They are making considerable efforts – within UK law – to avoid pressures to act unduly against their users and customers. They have been careful to give their customers clear advice about libel law, and are strong advocates of libel reform.

We depend on donations from sympathetic people and organisations. Around half our income comes from individuals who join as supporters. The rest comes mostly from foundations. This mix keeps us independent as well as good value for money, and means we can work extremely hard, on everything from copyright reform, takedowns, through web censorship to making open data really real! Donations, from people like you and sympathetic companies like Bytemark are changing the digital rights debate in the UK.

If you would like to provide ORG with help, as Bytemark have done, we have a wish list, and we’ll credit you, if you wish.

Thank you again Bytemark! We look forward to working with you.