Wish list

If you'd like to help out just that little bit more, or have something you don't need anymore, then please consider making us a gift! The items below are our current needs. Email us if you'd like to give us something we can really do with!

Office and desktop needs

  1. Large flatscreen monitors for video editing – up to 27 in, widescreen ratio preferred
  2. 4 flatscreen medium monitors for desktop working – roughly 20 inches, widescreen ratios preferred
  3. Apple Mini, Intel Tower or equivalent, for design and video editing
  4. Plus Adobe Creative Suite or Photoshop / InDesign, Cubase, Keynote Licences
  5. 1-2 Net books running consumer-friendly Linux, eg Ubuntu / Mint
  6. Height-adjustable Aerons, or other high-end office chairs
  7. Digital Projector

Office server and network needs

  1. A relatively recent machine that'll run the Zentyal platform and assorted other bits without problems, and a fast network card; 4GB RAM; SATA/SSD disks; preferably quiet fans, and low power-consumption. Preferably HP.
  2. A nice sized SAN, that supports NFS, AFP, and Samba—that understands permissions, and has a console output, with capacity to easily expand in the future
  3. A quarter-height rack, preferably with lockable doors (in which case the machine & SAN can be rack-mountable)
  4. A 24 port Gig switch
  5. A six port+ console server
  6. An APC-like power-switch, for remote power-cycling six+ machines

Offsite service needs

  1. Secure, encrypted, EU-based, off-site disk space (or reciprocal agreements with selected partners), for  off-site backups
  2. Free access to project management software similar to playnice.ly
  3. ZimbraPro licences

If you've got any of the above, or any hardware that's recent, and in working order that you think could be useful, please email wishlist@openrightsgroup.org