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Richard Clayton

Richard Clayton has a background in software development, joint-owing the successful 1980s UK software house “Locomotive Software”, which developed the system software for Amstrad’s CPC Home Computers and the word processing software “LocoScript” for Amstrad’s hugely successful PCW machines. In the 1990s he led the team that developed Turnpike, one of the first Windows based Internet access packages. In 1995 Locomotive was sold to Demon Internet, then the largest UK ISP, and Richard worked for Demon on software development and, increasingly, regulatory issues. In 2000 he became a researcher at the Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge and his PhD thesis on “Anonymity and Traceability in Cyberspace” was completed in 2005. He has continued in academia, researching issues around abuse, censorship and cybercrime. He is currently Director of the Cambridge Cybercrime Centre.