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Leonie Maria Tancze

Leonie Maria Tanczer is Lecturer in International Security and Emerging Technologies at University College London’s (UCL) Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy (STEAPP). Her research focuses on Internet security and is centred on the intersection points of gender, technology, and security. She is currently actively researching technology-facilitated abuse through her G-IoT pilot project which studies the implications of the Internet of Things on victims/survivors of gender-based domestic and sexual violence and was until recently Postdoctoral Research Associate for the UK-wide PETRAS IoT Research Hub. Some of Leonie’s prior research projects included studies on the Pirate Party of Austriagender stereotypes within the hacktivist community, and sexism online. Leonie has also a passion for the analysis of censorship and surveillance and is outspoken about security issues within academia. More information about her work and publications can be found on her website and on Twitter where she tweets as @leotanczt.