Supporter update - October 2009


  • URGENT: Comments needed on draft changes to our privacy policy

We urgently need your comments to help revise our privacy policy, which currently restricts our campaigning efforts. We are confident that the changes won't compromise your privacy but will make us more effective at fighting for your rights. In particular, we want to use non-EU but Safe Harbour-compliant services (e.g. Google Analytics, Campaign Monitor) and contact supporters - who opt-in to hear from us - more frequently about our campaigns. Please take a look and let us know by reply 1. If you approve of the changes or have criticisms to make; 2. Whether this needs more discussion. LInk to draft.

  • Mandelson gives go ahead to ‘three strikes’

Despite opposition from the public - demonstrated by our YouGov poll - and even the security services, Lord Mandelson is pressing on with a 'three strikes' disconnection policy for the UK. For now, we're still asking you - and we need each and every one of you to take action against this - to convince your MP to sign on to Tom Watson's EDM (kind of like a petition for politicians). Link to more.

  • Come see Bruce Schneier talk in London

Bruce Schneier, internationally-renowned cryptographer, technologist and author, will be giving a talk at an Open Rights Group event about current and future technologies' effects on privacy. Tickets and more info.

  • Recruiting a part-time administrator

We are recruiting for a part-time, paid position. The role of Administrator has been created to strengthen our core staff team. For a full job description and details of how to apply see here.


Every week, we spend time talking to the media and connecting them with experts or giving an alternate point of view on current issues.

An Open Rights Group poll - paid for by your donations - revealed the depth of public opposition to Mandelson's tough sanctions against alleged file-sharers. The poll also revealed public support for judicial oversight of the sanctions process and that 30% of those surveyed would be much less likely to vote for political parties that support the disconnection policy.

The Royal Mail, claiming financial loss flowing from copyright infringement, has disabled websites that were helping people to find jobs and discover planning applications in their area. ORG remarked that "It is particularly galling that Royal Mail are simultaneously trying to make people redundant, and closing a service which could help their ex-workers get a new job."

ORG joined Knowledge Ecology International International and Richard Stallman to call on EU competition regulators to protect the development of MySQL. Read the full letter at