September 12, 2018

MEPs advance Article 13 of EU Copyright Directive

Members of European Parliament today voted to adopt amendments to the European Commission’s draft EU Copyright Directive. This followed a vote in July where MEPs voted down plans to fast-track the Copyright Directive and Article 13.M

Open Rights Group has been campaigning against Article 13 over concerns that free speech will be impacted through the large scale removal of material without adequate review.

Reacting to the vote in the EU Parliament in favour of Article 13 of the Copyright Directive, Jim Killock, executive director of Open Rights Group said:

“Article 13 creates a Robo-copyright regime that would zap any image, text, meme or video that appears to include copyright material whether it is legally used or not. This is disappointing and will open the door to more demands for Robocop censorship.

The Directive is not yet law and could improve during trilogue negotiations. We will keep opposing these measures which will lead to legal material being removed in this way.”


Open Rights Group is a non-profit company limited by Guarantee (05581537) based in London and Edinburgh.


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