UK falls two places in World Press Freedom Index

Executive Director Jim Killock said:

“Extensive surveillance powers are threatening investigative journalism and freedom of expression in the UK. In just four years, the UK has fallen ten places in the World Press Freedom Index, a deeply worrying trend that needs to be addressed.

“The Government failed to protect journalists when it passed the Investigatory Powers Act. Now, the Law Commission has proposed to send them to prison if they so much as handle official data. This comes at a time when we must be able to hold the Government to account over its vast surveillance powers.”

“Mass surveillance chills freedom of expression and undermines democracy.”

About the World Press Freedom Index

The World Press Freedom Index is published each year by Reporters Without Borders. According to RSF’s website: “The Index ranks 180 countries according to the level of freedom available to journalists. It is a snapshot of the media freedom situation based on an evaluation of pluralism, independence of the media, quality of legislative framework and safety of journalists in each country.”

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