PRISM US Surveillance – Serious Questions for the UK Government

Executive Director Jim Killock said:

“The UK Government must tell us what they knew about PRISM. An investigation in Parliament is badly needed to find out whether the UK Government or intelligence agencies were in any way involved with any related invasion of UK citizens’ privacy.”

“US web companies operating in Britain must explain their role in this snooping on their clients’ communications and cloud services.” There should be answers to:

  1. What did the UK Government know about the PRISM programme?
  2. Given the history of collaboration between the US and the UK, can they give us assurances that UK secret services have not been involved in the PRISM programme?
  3. Will the UK Government be seeking clarification from the US Government about whether the data of UK citizens is being monitored by the NSA?
  4. Has the UK received any intelligence based on queries made through the alleged PRISM programme?
  5. Would the Government advise that UK citizens, businesses and MPs stop using services provided by American web companies such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft?
  6. Can the UK Government give assurance that the commericial confidentiality of UK businesses has not been breached through the PRISM programme?