Open Rights Group urges MPs to vote against the IPBill if bulk powers remain

Executive Director, Jim Killock said:

“The Government is intent on pressing ahead with the IP Bill even though it will give the UK an extreme surveillance law unsuited to a democracy. The IP Bill’s powers are too broad and permit the surveillance of citizens whether or not they are suspected of wrongdoing.

“Surveillance should be targeted at those who are suspected of a crime.”

It is expected that a majority of MPs will vote in favour of the Bill tonight. It will then transfer to the House of Lords.

The Bill includes powers that will allow the Security Services to easily access any public or private database. The Government has admitted that the vast majority of such data will relate to people who are not suspected of any crimes. The intelligence services and the police will also be able to hack the electronic devices of third parties who are not direct suspects. Internet Service Providers will be forced to record their customers’ web browsing history and app use.

Earlier this week, ORG launched a film featuring a public toilet to highlight how dehumanising a lack of privacy can be.

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