ORG response to child’s rights groups letter to Facebook

Open Rights Group, responding to today’s reports of a child’s rights groups letter to Facebook, responded:

Encryption provides a secure internet for all, including children, and while well-meaning, these efforts are misguided. 

End-to-end encryption is the backbone of retaining a secure Internet. It protects the privacy of billions everyday from banking transactions to messaging. It protects whistleblowers and activists around the world from repressive regimes. It even protects the politicians jumping on today’s bandwagon.

Undermining encryption creates an opportunity for hackers, criminals, even abusers, to gain access to the private lives of those that deserve protection. Through this call these groups may be placing users at risk of exploitation. This is not a straightforward trade-off.

A national survey from the Information Commissioner’s Office ranked children’s privacy and cyber security as people’s top data protection concerns. Encryption responds to these two concerns and it should not be used as a political football to make politicians look tough on social media platforms.



Information Commissioner’s Office Age Appropriate Design Code: page 3 for the quote on cyber security

For further information please contact Federica Dadone, Communication Officer for Open Rights Group, at or 0207 0961079.