Know your rights when it comes to e-receipts on Black Friday

As well as encouraging shoppers to assert their legal rights, ORG is calling on shops to make sure they are not breaking the UK’s data protection laws. Many shops are asking for customers’ email addresses without always explaining how they will be used. Although some customers may find it more convenient to get a receipt by email, they should be told if their email address will be used for marketing purposes.

Executive Director Jim Killock said:

“E-receipts shouldn’t mean that we have to give away our data. Shops need to be clear about how they are going to use customers’ email addresses they collect at the point of sale. Customers should always be given the option to say no to getting marketing emails even if they choose to get an e-receipt.

“If shops fail to ask permission to send marketing emails, we would urge their customers to report them to the ICO. No one wants to end up with spam for Christmas.”

Some of the shops that offer e-receipts include Apple, Argos, Debenhams, Halfords, Topshop and Next.  E-receipts as an opportunity for shops to build their e-mail lists and to get insights into individuals through their purchases.

The law states that customers need to be given ‘a simple means of refusing’ any future direct marketing emails at the point of sale.

The Information Commissioner has also clarified that, “Whenever customer information is collected there must be a clear explanation given of how their information will be used.” 

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