ORG responds to calls by Theresa May for new communications data bill

Open Rights Group has responded to the Home Secretary, Theresa May’s call for a revival of the snoopers’ charter to give the police greater powers to access communications data.

Open Rights Group’s Executive Director, Jim Killock said:

“We already have GCHQ engaging in illegal mass surveillance justified by the investigation of terrorism. Why exactly does Theresa May need to revive the snoopers’ charter which would give the police the same powers to infringe our liberties? We need targeted surveillance not data trawling and population profiling.”

“However Cameron and May are at least honest enough to state they are prepared to flout human rights laws. The Labour Party and Lib Dems must now state if they support further unlawful mass surveillance powers so that we can have the national debate that they have called for. Whether we want our government to infringe on our rights to privacy and free speech in the name of national security is now a crucial election issue.”

It has also been reported that May and Justice Secretary Chris Grayling will criticise the European Court of Human Rights and the Human Rights Act at the Conservative party conference. Killock added:

“Human rights legislation serves to protect us all. By restricting our liberties the Conservative are threatening the very freedom and democracy that they purport to defend.”