Open Rights Group response to publication of Communications Data Bill

Responding to the publication of the Communications Data Bill Jim Killock, Executive Director of Open Rights Group said:

“The government’s notes confirm that this is exactly what we expected: black boxes to intercept people’s traffic data, and poorly supervised police powers to get access to it.

“Bluntly these are as dangerous as we expected, and represent unprecedented surveillance powers in the democratic world.

“China and Iran will be delighted.”

ORG, Big Brother Watch and Privacy International will be hosting a press and MP briefing today at 14:00.  More information

Clause 1 increases powers to compel operators such as G and F to hand over data. Some safeguards to check but no court supervision, self authorised
Part 2 : interception to collect data allows direct or delegated collection (Clauses 14-16 and Schedule 1). Relies on Interception of Communications Commissioner to supervise the arrangements.