Open Rights Group calls on the ICO to do its job and enforce the law

EMBARGO: Immediate 

Responding to ICO Commissioner Elizabeth Denham’s call on G7 countries to tackle cookie pop-ups challenge, Jim Killock, Executive Director of Open Rights Group, said:

“The simple fact is that most cookie banners are unlawful, and the data collection behind them is, as her own report states, also unlawful. 

“If the ICO wants to sort out cookie banners then it should follow its own conclusions and enforce the law.

“We have waited for over two years now for the ICO to deal with this, and now they are asking the G7 to do their job for them. That is simply outrageous. 

Open Rights Group is calling for automated signals to ask not to be tracked, but does not see this as a replacement for halting the unlawful practices of the online AdTech industry.



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