ICO “stay” on Tribunal lifted

Open Rights Group welcomes the lifting of the ‘ICO stay‘ on the Information Tribunal, which means that complaints against organisations failing to uphold data protection rights can now be pursued. [1]

Freedom of Information complaints can also now be pursued.

The ICO applied for a stay of the Tribunal in March, which was later extended until 27 May. [2]

Jim Killock, Executive Director of Open Rights Group said:

“Basic accountability of Government, the ICO and the private sector for the handling of personal information depends on the Tribunal being up and running. 

“The ICO now needs to hold Government to account for the many failures, relating to Track and Trace programme and the App, and the wider use of medical and personal data.

“The ICO must make its criticisms of the Government public, so that it can be held to account. Diplomatic, behind the scenes work is failing to improve data protection practice, which ultimately undermines public confidence and the success of these programmes.

“The time for diplomacy is over. The ICO needs to get to work.”

ORG learned of the lifting of the stay through a communication with the General Regulatory Chamber staff. [1] As of 11am on Friday, information about the ending of the stay had not been pubished. [3]



Jim Killock 07894498127 / press@openrightsgroup.org


[1] https://twitter.com/ds_m4riano/status/1268844986239516676

[2] Previous notices for a stay were pubished on 1 April and 27 April staying proceedings until 27 May.

[3] Information on stays granted and ending are published at https://www.judiciary.uk/coronavirus-covid-19-advice-and-guidance/