BPI’s PromoBay.org ban lifted

Yesterday, the BPI told the Open Rights Group that they had written to ISPs to remove the website PromoBay.org from their ban list. However, the list of IP addresses and websites on the list remains unpublished and set at the discretion of the BPI, representing music labels.

Jim Killock, Executive Director of the Open Rights Group said:

“The BPI intend to obtain blocking orders for some 50-100 websites. Each order allows the BPI to create a ban list of clone sites or IP addresses.

“These ban lists could end up blocking perhaps 500 or more domains and IP addresses, all the at the behest of the BPI.

“There is a clear need for transparency, as mistakes are already being made, and are only being corrected because of public pressure. We call on ISPs and the BPI to publish the blocking lists in the name of legal transparency and public accountability.”