45 million internet users face higher bills

Using the internet will become more expensive as a result of the Government’s announcement today to include ISPs in the cost of the letter writing regime following the Digital Economy Act.

Reacting to the Government’s statement today, Florian Leppla, Campaigner at the Open Rights Group said:

“Is it right to take up to £500 million out of the economy in the middle of a recession and waste it on a scheme that is unlikely to bring any benefits?1

“It would be much better if rightholders spent that money on finding new online content services.

“The Government’s own figures show that up to 96,000 that belong to families that may  be unable to afford an internet connection.

“Rightholders wanted the Digital Economy Act. It benefits them so they should pay the full costs for its implementation.”


1 The Government estimated the costs for the implementation for ISP at a total £290-500m: Digital Economy Act 2010: Impact Assessment, April 2010 (p55,78).