ORG Law is our project to defend digital rights through legal action.

The project aims to:

  • Connect practicising lawyers and academics interested in privacy, free expression and intellectual property laws
  • Help ORG shape policy, consultation responses and make legal interventions
  • Act as a legal referral channel

What have we done?

  • helped a number of individuals find legal help from our sympathetic lawyers and solicitors
  • proposed probing amendments to the Digital Economy Act, which helped the debate in Parliament
  • wrote our briefings on web blocking laws in the UK
  • wrote ORG’s interventions in the Digital Economy Act Judicial Review
  • produced advice on the legality of TalkTalk’s HomeSafe interception

The group works primarily via an email list, and also meets occassionally. A small steering committee is being appointed to choose some projects for ORG Law to work on.

If you are a legal academic or practising lawyer who sympathises with our views, then you can join. Drop an email to

Legal panel

ORG has a panel of Barristers and Solicitors who act in matters relevant to ORG’s work. ORG may, at its discretion, pass on requests for legal assistance to this panel. Members of the panel are members of the legal profession and are regulated accordingly. They, and not we, will be responsible for any advice or assistance provided.  Members of the panel have however agreed to provide a certain amount of Pro Bono work to ORG and ORG related issues but do so at their sole discretion. Email We reserve the right not to respond.