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Technology is used by state and corporate interests to control public and private life. ORG is a grassroots-funded organisation working to balance the interests of these powerful groups against our fundamental freedoms by campaigning to protect and extend civil liberties in the digital age.

In just three short years ORG has effected real policy change on a number of issues, from copyright reform to e-voting. But threats to our liberties are not subsiding, they are increasing, from unchecked snooping by advertisers and bureaucrats to the entertainment industry's war on online freedoms. From July to December this year, we are working to double the amount of financial support we receive from individuals so ORG is ready and able to meet these threats. This page shows how you can help and what we will spend your money on.

How you can help

Start supporting the Open Rights Group today

Click here to start supporting ORG today.


The Open Rights Group is its supporters. Your regular financial contribution enables ORG to raise awareness of digital rights issues by staging public events across the country, lobbying the British and EU Parliaments, and monitoring and engaging with the national and international press. When politicians talk to ORG, they know they’re talking to a group that is funded by their voters, and they listen and act accordingly.

Please start supporting ORG today. Here's how we will spend your money.

Recruit your friends

If your friends, colleagues or family share our concerns with the erosion of civil liberties online, please convince them to join Open Rights Group. If every ORG supporter recruited just one of their friends, we'd reach our target of 1,500 fivers. We all know people who are interested in digital rights but don't yet donate. Please use the ORG-GRO campaign as an opportunity to talk them into becoming a supporter.

If you recruit three friends or more, we'll send you a glamourous ORG T-Shirt. You can download black and white standing order forms here, and our colourful combined leaflet and form here. If you'd like us to post you forms instead, please email supporters at and we'll get right on it. Don't forget to include your name and supporter ID when you're sending back your completed forms so you can claim your prize.

Increase your subscription

We are extremely grateful for every single pound we receive from ORG supporters. But if it won't hurt your wallet to dig a little deeper, go for it! Any extra money you can afford to give to ORG will take us a step closer to sustainability and our shared target of establishing ORG as the UK civil liberties advocate for the digital age. If you double (or more!) your support to ORG, let us know and we'll send you a special gift.

Please don't change the reference you are currently using to send us your regular financial support, instead, follow these simple instructions to increase your support:

  • If you support via standing order then the easiest way to up your support is to alter the arrangement you have made with your bank. You can do this at a high street branch or via your online banking account. Email supporters at if you need any help.
  • If you support via PayPal then email supporters at and we'll send you a tailor-made link that will make increasing your support to the Open Rights Group as easy as pie.
  • If you support via cheque Please send cheques made out to "Open Rights Group" to Open Rights Group, LG.G05, Langdale House, 11 Marshalsea Road, London SE1 1EN. Please include your name and email address with the cheque. Please don't send cash.

Promote our campaign on your website - get the ORG-GRO widget

Please tell readers of your blog or website about the ORG-GRO campaign by featuring our fabulous new widget. In addition to looking super fine, the widget tracks our progress on the road to 1,500 fivers donated every month. Users can click straight through to this page to learn more about our campaign and join up as an ORG supporter.


what the widget looked like when we started
What the widget looked like when we started

what we hope the widget will look like by the end of the year
What we hope it will look like by the end of the year

You can see the current progress of the campaign in the side bar.

To feature the ORG widget on your site, copy and paste the following code:

<div id="openrightsgroup-net-totaliser-widget"> <script src="" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"></script></div>

Thanks to the groovy yet highly efficient cats at Stemcel for producing our widget: props and love to Chris and Fred. Here's a list of all the friendly bloggers using the widgetometer to tell their readers about ORG: you should really add them to your feed reader because they are so very thoughtful and discerning.


Tell the world why you support ORG

Our words about Open Rights Group are all well and good but they're not as convincing as your personal opinions. So please, pretty please, use your own words - whether in text or video - to tell the world about Open Rights Group and why the cause of digital rights is worth all of our time and money. Use the 'openrightsgroup' tag on to tell us about your testimonials.

Invite ORG to your town

To encourage digital rights hacktivity in your home town, we'll come and speak to your crowd if you can provide a venue and an audience of twenty or so. The venue could be your university or local pub - all we need is a (fairly) quiet space to get together. One of our staff or advisers will join your meeting for the evening then we'll keep in touch with your local crew and help you support open rights. If you're interested in bringing ORG home, then please phone the office on +44 (0) 20 7096 1079 and speak to Michael.

How we will spend your money

How we will spend your money


Most of the money you donate to ORG goes on paying our 2 full time staff members. They split their time between our core activites of media outreach, policy work and nurturing an active community of volunteers.

Having two people working full time at ORG's London HQ allows the dozens of volunteers and activists who are committed to digital rights make the most out of their time. That goes for our volunteer Board and Advisory Council, our crack team of technical wizards who keep the ORG website and email lists running, our news-bloggers, wiki-heads, media monitors, event helpers, letter-writers and conference evangelists and everyone else who helps spread the digital rights message around the UK.

Download this pdf to learn more about how we will spend your money if we reach our target of 1,500 fivers. Our most recent company accounts are available in last year's Review of Activities.