Legal panel

Open Rights Group is not a legal advice service, but our legal panel is available to help people with very pressing digital rights issues.

Our panel of Barristers and Solicitors act in matters relevant to ORG’s work. ORG may, at its discretion, pass on requests for legal assistance to this panel. Members of the panel are members of the legal profession and are regulated accordingly. They, and not we, will be responsible for any advice or assistance provided. Members of the panel have however agreed to provide a certain amount of Pro Bono work to ORG and ORG related issues but do so at their sole discretion.

Email via our contact page. We reserve the right not to respond.

Many people may need legal services in regards to an issue related to our interest, so may look to our organisation for help. The links below are thus provided solely as a convenience to you. Open Rights Group does not endorse these sites or services, and has made no attempt to review these services in any way.

Citizens Advice
Legal Aid Agency
Law Centres Network